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24-Hour Services

Molly (touch tone telephone account access)

Molly is your 24 hours a day, seven days a week account access. Our computer will assist you through each of your transactions in the privacy of your own home or office, wherever a touch-tone telephone is available.  You can reach Molly by calling (409) 899-2542 option 5. You will need your member number and an access code. If you do not have an access code, come into the credit union and see one of our Member Service Representatives to set up your access code.

Available Caller Transactions

∑ Share Accounts
Account Balance Inquiry
Withdrawal Inquiry
Recent Deposits Inquiry
Last 3 Payroll Deposits Inquiry
ATM Transactions Inquiry
Current Dividend
YTD Dividend Information
All Transactions Inquiry
Stop Draft

∑ Draft Accounts
Account Balance Inquiry
Draft Item Inquiry
Recent Withdrawals Inquiry
Last 5 Drafts Inquiry
Recent Deposits Inquiry
Last 3 Payroll Deposits Inquiry
ATM Transactions Inquiry
Current Dividend
YTD Dividend Information
All Transactions Inquiry
Draft/Check Reordering
Stop Draft

∑ Loans
Loan Balance
All Loan Balances
Line of Credit Available
Loan Payoff Inquiry
Loan Interest Inquiry

∑ Transfer Options
Share-to-Credit Card
Member to Member Transfers

∑ Withdrawal Options
Share Withdrawal by Check
Draft Withdrawal by Check
Line-of-Credit Withdrawal by Check

MasterCard Payments
You can make your MasterCard payment at any time of day at gotomycard.com from your home computer or you can come by the office and make your credit card payment ($3.00 fee applies for office payments). You must register in order to use this service. Upon registering you will have access to

  • Your account summary
  • Transaction details
  • Account history for the past 3 statement cycles
  • Ability to pay your bill
  • Email credit card customer service about questions


US Savings Bond Redemption
Visit any of our lobby tellers and redeem your savings bonds. Bonds are subject to holding periods based on issue date and type of bond.

Account Activity Printout or Statement Copy
If you would like a printout of your account history, you can purchase it from any of employees $3.00,for the first page up to 3 pages, $1.00 per page after the first three.

MasterCard Payments
Make your MasterCard payment at our lobby teller windows. Payments received before are transmitted that day.  Payments made after 1 p.m. will be sent the next business day. Fee $3.00

Travelers Checks
Traveler checks can be used like cash and are accepted everywhere. There is a $1.25 fee (per hundred dollars) for traveler checks no matter if you desire for travelers checks for one person or traveler checks for two people.

Money Orders
Money orders can be purchased at a teller window up to the amount of $500.00. There is a fee of $1.00 per money order and no limit on the number you can purchase.

Cashier Checks
To purchase a Cashier Check see any of our friendly lobby tellers. Checks must be made payable to receiving party. There is a fee of $2.00 per check.

Teller Checks
If a money order or cashier check is not required or needed we offer Teller Checks (credit union check).  Your first check is free each check afterward $1.00 fee per check applies.


Western Union
wires are available person to person only (to companies and quick collects not available). Contact one of our Member Service Representatives for complete instructions. We need the city and state the wire is going and the name of the receiver as it appears on their license to ensure worry free pick up.

Outgoing Bank Wires to send an outgoing wire, you will need a routing number to the receiving financial institution, the account name, and account number.

Incoming Bank Wires to send a wire to SAFE Credit Union and credit your account
Initial credit to:
Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union,  Dallas, TX
ABA # (Routing & Transit #) - 311990511
further credit to:
SAFE Credit Union
ABA# (Routing & Transit #) Ė 313177594
final credit to:
Your name and member number.


Type Wire Fee Cut Off Time
Outgoing Bank   $11.50 3:00 p.m.
Outgoing Western Union  $15.00 5:00 p.m.
Outgoing International Wire $35.00 11:00 a.m.
Incoming Wire $5.00 


MasterCard ATM/Debit Cards
Use your card to pay for purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted or at ATMís nationwide. The money comes from your checking account just like writing a check. No monthly fees.

MasterCard Credit Cards
If you are tired of paying too much interest on other cards, transfer your balance to a SAFE Credit Union MasterCard and let us save you money. Use your card to pay for purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted, cash advances are available. You can apply for a MasterCard by picking up an application at our office or click here for an application. (no annual fee).

Payroll Deduction
If you are employed by one of our Sponsor Employer Groups payroll deduction may be an option available to you to make loan payments or creating a savings allotment. For additional information concerning payroll deduction contact one of our Member Services Representatives they will be happy to assist you.

Direct Deposit
Today most employers offer Direct Deposit to their employees making paydays easier no trips to the credit union to make loan payments or deposit money to the checking account. If you are interested in Direct Deposit contact one of our Member Services Representatives they will be happy to help determine if this service is available to you.

Overdraft Protection
Overdraft protection allows you to link your savings or other joint saving accounts to your checking account to protect you from overdrawing your account. If your checking account becomes overdrawn for any reason, and provided that you have sufficient funds available in your savings, the funds will be automatically transferred to your checking account. This will ensure that your checks are paid, and it saves you costly overdraft charges. No credit approval is required.

Notary services are available during lobby hours at no cost to SAFE Credit Union members.



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